What Is Proofreading?

What Is Proofreading?

One of the ways I hope to make money while working at home is by proofreading for court reporters. You are probably wondering what on earth that means (I know I did when I first read it.) Let’s start with the very basics. Proofreading is reading something and marking for any errors. These errors can include punctuation, misspelling, or formatting issues. It’s not editing the content, though. Proofreaders don’t make grammatical changes to the work. Seems pretty simple, yeah?

Court Reporters, Huh?

Now, what are court reporters? They are the stenographers that you see in courtrooms write down what everybody says exactly as they say it. They make the transcripts for trials, hearings, and ton of other legal stuff. As a proofreader for court reporters, I would take that transcript after they’ve formatted it and look for any errors. The skills involved in this are pretty specific. I need to know the errors to look for in the punctuation and spelling. I also need to know how a transcript is supposed to look, the proper spacing and the flow of each type of legal proceeding. It gets really complicated. This is where proper learning comes in.

Proofread Anywhere

I found this amazing online course that teaches people how to become proofreaders. It’s called Proofread Anywhere. It’s a very intensive course designed to completely prepare the students. I was skeptical at first, but I read the website and saw a few outside articles about it and I decided to give it a try. I love it and it’s also a lot of work. It’s also an excellent way of working from home. All I would need is an iPad and an internet connection.

For now, my work on Proofread Anywhere is on hold. I have a lot going on since I’m moving in 3 months (eek!). Once I’ve settled into life in the Pacific Northwest, I place to restart my work on my proofreading career. In September, I’ll give you a full goals list for this work-from-home scheme.

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