My Virtual Assistant Goals

My Virtual Assistant Goals

Before I share my goals with you, I think I should tell you what exactly a virtual assistant is. At it’s most basic, a virtual assistant is someone who works online for either a person or business to help them move their business forward or help them work less. This can include a lot of different things. It can be managing social media, proofing content, bookkeeping, or basically any skill you can show virtually. It’s almost anything you need it to be.

I want to work from home. I have or can build the skills that a lot of virtual assistants have. Recently, I started an online course called 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success in order to have a basis to launch my virtual assistant business. And with that basis building, I have some goals for my future.

Short Term Goals (3 Months)

  • Complete 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success
    • I’m giving myself plenty of time since I have a full-time job and am moving across the country.
  • Get (at least) One Client
    • It scares me to even write that! But I think throwing myself in is the best way to go.

Medium Term Goals (6 Months)

  • Have More Than One Client
    • The only way to build a business is to build the client base.
  • Build My Skills
    • I’m purposefully leaving this one open ended. I don’t know which skills are going to help me the most until I get through 30 Days and start working.

Long Term Goals (1 Year)

  • Be Part-Time Working at Home
    • It can take up to two years to build a strong virtual assistant business, so I’m hoping I can switch to a part-time job once I’ve been working on this a year.

Right now, this seems to be the most viable of my work at home ideas, or at least, it requires the least amount of training. I’m hoping to grow it a bit before I move, so I might be able to move with only a part-time job. We’ll see because the biggest thing I need to be while building this business is realistic. I definitely don’t want to be trapped in my big dreams and forget to look at the bigger picture.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment!


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