Thoughts from January 2018

Thoughts from January 2018

January has been a quiet month. After the frenzy of holiday travel,  it felt so nice to get home and get back to work. I really leaned into my 2018 goals this month, which means there was a lot happening in the background, but not so much out in the open. Maybe February will be a little more robust!

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Working Smarter

In December, I felt like I was drowning in things to do and never seeming to get enough done. I knew I needed to be dedicated to my work.  So, I made the goal to work eight hours a day Monday through Friday. There are only two rules. One, anything in my to-do list app could count towards the eight hours since most of those things are connected to my goals. Two, I need to allow myself some bad days and not dwell on them. This has been working so well and I’ve been working so much more intentionally because of it.


Walking More

Another goal for 2018 is to increase my step count and since I live near three major bike paths, I’ve been getting out to walk a lot more. My friends who I babysit for also gave me one of their strollers so Axel and I can get out and about. If you want to check up on my walking, please friend me on Runkeeper.

I’m slowly and steadily working on my 2018 goals. It’s so easy to let goals fall by the wayside, but if I keep them front and center, I hope that I can say that I finished them all by the end of the year.  There should be some more travel in February and a lot more work on this blog. How was your January? Have you made any goals for the new year?

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