Thoughts from November 2017

Thoughts from November 2017

I love the holiday time. There is something magical about having so many big holidays right after one another. I also love being about to see my family, especially now that I live almost 2,000 miles away. November was a very good month, even if it was stressful. Here’s the rundown.

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Vancouver, Victoria, and Port Angeles

My parents came to Washington for the week of Thanksgiving, which means I got to get out of the house! We did a really fun trip (which I’ll make a full post about later this month), which involved driving north to Vancouver, BC, then taking a ferry west to Victoria, BC, then a ferry south to Port Angeles, WA, and finally driving back to my home in Lacey, WA. A lot of steps I know, but it was unanimous that we all fell in love with Victoria, BC.


Since it was my parents’ first time here, we also spent a day in Seattle. We went up the Space Needle (which I hadn’t done yet), explored Chihuly Glass Museum (an awesome experience), and visited a very busy black Friday at Pike’s Place Market.  It reminded me of how much I love this place I have chosen for myself and how much I want to spend some time walking around Seattle.

Almost Breaking Even

I’m probably going to break even a the end of December and I was pretty close this month. It’s really hard being so broke because there is no way to say that I’ve fallen on hard times. I chose to give up my full-time job and launch myself into the world of freelance work. I chose to be broke for a while. It’s very, very encouraging to see how close I am to having my bare minimum. I can actually make this dream work!! And you can too (though you should start to build clients while you are at your full-time job. Learn from my mistakes.)

I am so very thankful for my family this month. Seeing them and getting out for a while was just what I needed. Also, they bought whole, fresh crabs for Thanksgiving dinner and there are leftovers. I’m not sure if the love or the leftover food is better to me. I hope your December goes well, I’ll be checking in in the new year!

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