Thoughts from December 2017

Thoughts from December 2017

December was another busy month for me (as is January, which is why this is so late.) I traveled home to Wisconsin for the first time since moving to Washington and that involved a lot of work beforehand in my business. It was a pretty good month even with that.

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Virtual Assistant Business

I’m finally reaching the point where I’m not scrambling to get another client. If my math is right, I should be able to have a tiny bit of leftover money in January. Cross my fingers. This is due to me adding my fifth client at the beginning of January and another one of my clients adding a task. I’m pretty excited about this!

The white line on the horizon is the Olympic Mountains, the water in front of it is Puget Sound, in the middle is Seattle, and the closest body of water is Lake Washington. Beautiful!

Christmas in Wisconsin

I went back to Wisconsin for the week between Christmas and New Years. The only bad thing about the whole week was the sub-zero temperatures (seriously, it got above zero one day while I was there.) I got to celebrate Christmas with my extended family, visit friends in Madison, go to a high-school friend’s wedding, and have some college friends over to my parent’s house. It was a really busy week and it felt good to head back to Washington at the end of it (the 40-degree temperatures helped as well.)

New Year Ahead

I am so excited to tackle the year ahead of me. 2017 was a really rough year for so many different reasons and there’s always the hope that the new year will be better. Politically, I can’t do much to fix national climate other than being kind to others and stand firm in my personal conversations. Personally, I have a grand plan in how I’m going to make 2018 a good year. I know that I need to strive to be a better me and I plan on rocking it.

How was your December? Do you have anything to celebrate as 2017 ends and 2018 begins?

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