How to Survive a Solo Road Trip

How to Survive a Solo Road Trip

Long road trips don’t scare me anymore. I’ve gone from Wisconsin to the east coast and back five times AND I’ve driven the entire length of Florida from Georgia to Key West. I am comfortable on long road trips. That is, I am comfortable on long road trips that include other people to share the drive time. My only experience with solo driving is in my home state of Wisconsin with drive times no longer than three hours.

Therefore, when I was faced with a six hour drive to Missouri, I quickly went to work making a road trip plan. Here are a few of the suggestions that saved me on this trip!

1. Listening Material

I used a mixture of podcasts and music, but audiobooks would work also. It’s the idea that your hands are occupied, so your brain should be as well. Listening to something also helps the time go a lot faster and you get into the story or lyrics.

2. Snack and Drink

You’re going to get hungry and thirsty being in the car this long. Especially if you’re like me and sing until your voice gets scratchy. Place a few snacks and a drink close at hand. I laid them out so they would be easy to get to while I was driving. You don’t want to be digging for food in the middle of the interstate.

3. Plan Pit Stops

It’s very helpful if you stop every two to three hours to stretch out and go to the bathroom. You can also plan this by location, so you know when you get to a certain town you need to stop. This can be especially helpful for multi-day trips, so you know where you are staying each night.

4. Know When to Pull Over

Sometimes you have to push through any fatigue or restlessness you may have. However, it’s good to recognize the difference between things you can push through and things you need to stop for. If you notice your eyes getting heavy or you are becoming easily distracted, pull over. It doesn’t matter if it’s not time to stop yet, just take a few minutes to step out of the car and regain your mindset. You really don’t want to be unsafe on the road.

My first solo road trip was much easier than I expected. Mainly, because I followed the suggestions from above.

Do you have any tricks you use on road trips?





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