Proofreading Goals Update: November 2017

Proofreading Goals Update: November 2017

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Every three months, I revisit my goals for the proofreading aspect of my business. It’s important for me to see my progress and where I’m trying to get to. If you have goals for your future, join me in going over them. It’ll help to keep you on track and show you how far you’ve come. I’m still working on the coursework for Proofread Anywhere and hope to finish it and expand my business. Here is a link to my previous goals post.

Goals Don’t Always Work

Usually, I start this post by telling you some of the goals I’ve achieved in the past three months. Unfortunately, I haven’t achieved any or them. I have worked on the course and made progress, but by this time I wanted to finish the practice transcripts. In retrospect, this was too big of a goal. I’m currently on PT 18 of 50, so not even close. It’s important to use measurable and actionable goals. I needed to measure this goal a little better before I committed to it.

3 Months – February 2018

These are the milestones I would like to reach by my next update in February:

  • Complete Practice Transcripts 19-35
    • This is roughly a transcript and a half a week excluding the week of Christmas. This is a much more doable goal.
  • Complete 11 Practice Sheets
    • Again, this is about one per a week excluding Christmas. This is in the punctuation practice book I have.


6 Months – May 2018

These are longer-term goals. Usually, they build upon the previous goals and should be my primary goals next time.

  • Complete Practice Transcripts
    • There should be only 15 left after my three-month goals are done.
  • Complete Midterm Exam
    • In my course, to move on after the practice transcripts. I need to get 100% on the midterm exam. It’s a little nerve wrecking, but hopefully, after 50 practices, I can ace it.


12 Months – November 2018

These are my biggest goals. Eventually, they will fit in, but for now, they are mostly big-time goals, with no major action needed right now.

  • Finish Proofread Anywhere Course
  • Have One Proofreading Client
  • Replace iPad

Now that I’ve scaled these goals back to be a bit more mangeable, I feel a lot better about acheiveing them. I make sure to keep my goals visable to keep me on track when I get lazy. I hang mine on my computer. If you have any goals, put them somewhere where you will be reminded of them. And if you want to see about getting into proofreading check out Caitlin Pyle’s courses. She has a general proofreading course I would recommend if you want to do book or paper editing.

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