What to Pack in Your First-To-Unpack Box

What to Pack in Your First-To-Unpack Box

Moving is an extremely stressful experience whether you are moving within the same city or across the country. The worst thing is when you think of something specific you need when it is packed away in a mountain of boxes. It can be easy to remember your phone, keys, and wallet, but what over items should be in easy reach when you’re moving?

Toilet Paper and Soap

Often when you move into a new location, there will be absolutely no amenities waiting there for you. I have personally gone to the bathroom in a new apartment and realized I had no toilet paper; it wasn’t pleasant. I would suggest that toilet paper and soap be the first items you unpack, even before you start bring other boxes and furniture in the house. This way you and your moving crew have access to at least one usable bathroom and don’t have to “air dry” like I had to.

Tool Bag

There are always going to be items you have that need to be taken apart in some way before transport. For instance, I almost forgot that the legs for my very large couches needed to be taken off before they could be moved from my last apartment. I was really glad that I had carefully packed my tool bag in my first-to-unpack box. Having your tools accessible while you move is important because you never know when you are going to need a screw driver or a needle nose pliers.

Cleaning Supplies

Let’s be honest, sometimes when you move into a new place it’s not the cleanliest place. If you have cleaning supplies readily available it’s easy to quickly clean before you bring in your boxes and furniture. It can also feel nice to give your new home a spruce within the first few days to make it feel more homey.


There are always going to be little things you want to have that are specific to you and your move. For instance, I always need to pack supplies for my cat in an easily accessible place. People with children will have other things that are important to keep handy. Extension cords and power strips are also something that could go in a first-to-unpack box. It all depends on your needs.
Every thing you can do to make moving a little bit easier is worth it. Creating a box that is easily accessible filled with things useful to you, is a way to help yourself while moving. What are some of the things you would pack in this box? Do you have any other moving tips?



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