Organize Your Cleaning Schedule

Organize Your Cleaning Schedule

Ever since I was a kid I had trouble keeping up with cleaning. It resulted in a lot of fights with my parents and my first apartment got pretty gross. I like cleanliness a lot, but I have a serious problem with actually cleaning. Then I came up with a cleaning schedule and it changed everything! Suddenly I was actually keeping up with my cleaning tasks and I was able to keep my home up to the level I wanted it. If you feel the same way about cleaning, here are the steps I use to create my cleaning schedule.

Step One: Brainstorm

It’s time to brainstorm a list of all the cleaning activities you want to incorporate into your schedule. You can divide them in a number of ways including daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. I tend to go to each room of my house and list all the different cleaning activities that need to be done, then I divide them up by the frequency they need to be done. You structure this in whatever way makes sense to you.

Step Two: Incorporate It Into Your Schedule

Set up a time that you are going to clean. I schedule a few weekly tasks each day and do them right after I’m done with work. Another way of doing this is doing all the tasks on one day, like on Sunday or the last weekend of the month is the weekend you clean.  It all depends on your schedule and season of life. But picking a certain time to do it will help you to remain accountable to yourself and after a few weeks it will seem like second nature to clean then. If you have kids, give them tasks or have them help with yours, as their age allows. It shows them that they are a part of the household. It was the way I learned to do laundry!

Step Three: Make Incentives

I know that a surefire way to make me do anything is to give myself a reason. This can be anything really, watching a movie you really like, or going out to dinner, or getting a sticker. Whatever works to motivate you. And if you have kids, this can be a good way to motivate them as well and it can teach them to be proud of their work! Once it becomes routine, you can stop using incentives (or keep going).

My Cleaning Schedule

In case you wanted an example, here is my current cleaning schedule.


Clean Dishes, Squeegee Shower Doors after Shower, Organize Rooms Before Bed (basically I walk around and straighten things up)


Monday: Scoop Cat Box, Clean Shower, Clean Bathroom Mirror, Counter, Sink, and Toilet

Tuesday: Vacuum Living Room and Bedroom, Sweep and Mop Bathroom and Kitchen (I also go grocery shopping this day)

Wednesday: Scoop Cat Box, Clean Kitchen Counter, Stove, Sink, Microwave, and Fridge

Thursday: Laundry, Clean Shower Doors, Empty Garbages, Empty Recycling

Friday: Scoop Cat Box, Water Plants, Fill Birdseed, Sweep Balcony (I also do my banking on this day)

Saturday and Sunday: Off Days! I use that time to travel!

I keep my cleaning schedule as simple as I can and it keeps my house at the cleanliness level that I maintain best. Remember, this schedule is supposed to make your life easier, play with it until it feels like the right fit for you and your season in life. Please tell me what you think of this step-by-step and tell me what your schedule looks like! Happy cleaning!


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