My Proofreading Goals

My Proofreading Goals

Proofreading for court reporters can be a really great way to make money at home. Since I’m done moving across the country, I finally have the time to devote to being a kick-butt proofreader. I’m working my way through Proofread Anywhere and once I’m done with that I can begin to make money from proofreading. Here are my goals for getting that done.

3 Month Goals (November)

  • Finish the practice transcripts in Proofread Anywhere (there are over 3,000 pages!)
  • Continue to work on my punctuation and spelling skills with Bad Grammer, Good Punctuation.

6 Month Goals (February)

  • Finish the Proofread Anywhere course and pass the final exam.
  • Obtain at least one client for proofreading.

1 Year Goals (August)

  • Be making a full-time income from proofreading.
  • Replace my iPad.

These are pretty simple goals, but I hope by making them simple they’ll be very achievable. If you have any thoughts or questions on these goals or the world of proofreading, please let me know!



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