My Moving Timeline

My Moving Timeline

In just 7 weeks, I’m moving from Wisconsin to Washington state. I have so much to do in this time. From the job search to the apartment hunt, it’s really a never ending list. Part of that is getting my things ready to be moved across the country and I only have my Honda Fit and a 5′ x 8′ trailer to do so. Basically, the plan is to purge most of my things (which I’m basically done with), sell anything worth value, and pack the rest as concisely as I can. I’m sweating a little bit just thinking about getting all of this done. Luckily, I’m a  list and timeline driven person, so I’ve parsed this process down to smaller steps.


After I moved across town in August of 2016, I knew that I had way too much stuff. So, I decided to get rid of or upgrade as much of it as I could. It was a pretty big endevour that was spread over five months. Someday I’ll write a post on it, but for now know that I severally cut down on the amount of stuff I own. Here are the things leftover for my move:


  • Purge Pots and Pans on Lazy Susan
  • Decide Which Guitar Music to Keep and Which to Donate
  • Scan All Documents in my File Box
  • Purge Drawers of Desk
  • Purge Inbox on Desk
  • Clean Balcony
  • Purge Storage Closet



I think this will be the most gratifying of all of these. I got quite a few bulky pieces of furniture over the years and I am not moving them all the way across the country. Especially, when I can buy similar pieces once I get to Washington. My hope is that the money garnered from these pieces will help me to pay for necessary expenses such as my security and cat deposits. I broke this one out by time frame and I cross my fingers that 4 weeks on Craig’s List is enough time to sell everything. Anything leftover at the end of July will go to Goodwill.

June 3rd-14th
  • Clean All Items (Vacuum, Dust, Touch Up Paint)
  • Repair All Items (Stitch Holes, Tighten Screws)
June 15th-23rd
  • Take Pictures of Small Items (Lamps, End Tables, Printer, etc.)
  • Take Pictures of Large Items (Couches, Dining Table, etc.)
June 24th
  • Post Items on Facebook (Easier to sell to friends, right?)
July 1st
  • List Items on Craig’s List


This is the BIG one! And the one I have struggled with the most in the past. Usually my plans start out really well and then somewhere in the middle they break down, which results in a mad dash the day before moving to get everything packed. I think that having less things will help with this. I’m also buying all my supplies a few weeks in advance and keeping them all in one place for ease of use.

4 Weeks: July 1st-7th
  • Wall Decor
  • Knick Knacks and Fragile Items
  • Books (use small boxes)
  • DVDs and VHS’s
  • Storage Closet
  • Balcony
3 Weeks: July 8th-14th
  • Coat Closet
  • Under China Cabinet
  • Under Bed
  • Hall Closet
  • Non-Essential Shoes
2 Weeks: July 15th-21st
  • Bathroom
  • Non-Essential Kitchen
  • Non-Essential Dresser
  • Desk Drawers
  • Nightstand
1 Week: July 22nd-26th
  • Overnight Bag
  • First to Unpack
  • Rest of Dresser
  • Non-Refrigerated Food
  • Rest of Kitchen
  • Rest of Shoes
  • Miscellaneous
2 Days: July 27th
  • Take Drawers / Shelves Out of Everything
  • Plants
  • Cat Stuff
  • Hanging Clothes
  • Computer
  • Television
Day Of: July 29th
  • Pack Any Last Minute Items


That is a pretty exhaustive list. (Seriously, I’ve been staring around my house for days trying to think of everything.) I’ll update you once I’ve moved whether my plan worked to make this move as stress-less as possible. For now, I’m going to get started on packing and selling all of my things and praying that it will all fit. Do you have an moving suggestions? I’d love to hear them.





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