How to Make an Evening Routine

How to Make an Evening Routine

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We all find trouble with our evening routines. We get to sleep too late or stay up tossing and turning. Sometimes we wake up and the entire morning feels like a challenge. It happens to the best of us. But if this is happening on a daily basis, you are in need of an evening routine change. Here are a few simple steps to help you create a routine to work for you. You’ll need a writing utensil and some paper.

What Are the Problems with Your Current Routine?

If you are looking to make a new evening routine, there is probably something wrong with your current routine. I want you to write down all of the things that bother you about your evenings now. This is completely subjective. Out of the list you’ve made, pick one or two major problems. For me, I wasn’t getting to sleep at a decent time and getting up in the morning was difficult. Hold on to those problems for later.

Prepping for Tomorrow

The biggest thing you can do to make your evening better is to use it to prepare for the morning. Mornings are hard for pretty much everyone. There are plenty of things you can do at night to start out on the right foot. A few examples could be setting your coffee maker to automatically brew or laying out your outfit for tomorrow. Brainstorm things you could do to make your morning easier and write them down. It might be making your schedule for tomorrow or laying out your breakfast utensils. It’ll make your mornings so much easier to manage.

Identify What Is Important

This is the last list I’ll ask you to make before making your plan. Write a list of what is important to you at this stage in your life. It might be your kids, working on your business, or reading the Bible. Think of as many as you can. Now, split this list between “want to” and “need to” do. You need to get your kids to bed; you want to read a book. Your “need tos” have to make it into your evening routine and hopefully, you can fit a few of your “want tos” on there as well.

Create Your Routine

This is the fun part: actually creating the routine. This can be in a variety of formats. You can schedule it out by hours or half hours. You can start it at 5:00 or 9:00. The only important thing is that you are creating a routine that you will be able to follow. Using a static time, like eating at 6:00 every night or putting your kids to bed at 8:00, to start with is helpful. Here is my nightly routine:

Be Gentle On Yourself

As you can see, my routine is pretty simple. That’s what I need to actually be able to follow it. Even so, sometimes I don’t follow it. Keep this in mind with your own routine. It’s going to work a lot of the time, but not all of it. There will be days where you get in late or you’re late on a deadline and you can’t complete your routine. Just do the need-to items on your list. It’s not going to be perfect all the time, roll with life.

If you want a more detailed way to create an evening checklist, please use Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Evening. I’ve used it a few times and it is much more in-depth than this post. I loved using it to make my own routine. What are some of the things in your routine? Do you have any pointers to maintaining a routine?

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