How to Make a Morning Routine

How to Make a Morning Routine

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Mornings can be hard, for everyone, even those of us who like to wake up early. We can stumble around in the morning putting out fires as we go and just barely making it through the rest of our day. A bad morning can change our whole day. There is a cure for this and it’s called a morning routine! In this post, I’ll go through the steps to making a morning routine that will work for you.

What Things Can Happen The Night Before?

Last week, I made a post about How to Make an Evening Routine. There is a reason that it came first. There are so many things that you can do the night before to make your morning easier. A few of those are setting clothes out for the next day or planning your breakfast. It depends on what will make your morning easier. Make a list of things that tend to throw you off in the morning and see if any of them can be done the night before.

What Are The Most Important Things?

This question goes two-fold. One is the things you need to do in the morning and the other is the things that are truly important to you. Ask yourself what your important things are. Make a list of all the things that have to happen. I need a shower every morning; it’s my number one priority. Then make a list of the important things in your life. For me, having time to eat breakfast and relax before my day begins is important. For you, it might be quiet time before your kids get up.

What Are the Least Important Things?

Maybe it’s your season of life or your priorities, but there are things that simply aren’t important to do right now. Take those things out of your morning routine. It might be to move them to a different part of your day or it’s a bad habit that shouldn’t be in your life anyways. If you are a parent of little children, having time to read might be something to plan for when they take their nap, not in the morning when they wake up early. You might have the tendency to snooze your alarm a lot. Working on a way to limit this is an important part of the routine.

Create a Realistic Morning Routine

Write out the typical routine that you are doing right now. Use the things you’ve just read to either alter your routine or make a completely new one. Move the appropriate things to your nighttime routine, star the things that need to happen every morning even if you are running late, and evaluate anything that doesn’t need to be there anymore. I can’t tell you the right routine to make, but think about how you work and what you will be willing to do. The point of this is to make a routine completely unique to you.

Be Gentle

This is a rundown of my current routine. I know that I need to have simple mornings and trying to do a lot of intense things right away is only going to make me resentful. I get my tea and breakfast ready the morning before and since I work from home, setting out my clothes isn’t necessary (though it might be for you.) Remember that this is the first draft. If you are noticing that the routine isn’t working, go ahead and tweak it. And if you fall off the wagon, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are never going to be perfect, you can only do your best.

If you want a more in-depth way to create a morning routine, please check out Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings course. I loved the course and it informed this post. Tell me how your routine benefits you! What are some ways you have improved your mornings? What secrets do you have to combat hard mornings?

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