How to Find Your Blogging Niche

How to Find Your Blogging Niche

Starting a blog is hard on the front end. There are so many different decisions to make and it can often be hard to know that right answer. Choosing the niche that you want to write about is a hard decision because if you are like me, you have a lot of different things you like. It’s not a good idea to make a blog about everything (there’s no specific audience for that!) I’ve got a few questions for you to help you narrow your focus and choose a sustainable niche.

What do you enjoy?

It’s important to blog about something that you enjoy. It’s the first step to finding your niche. When I first sat down to figure out what I could blog about, I made a list of all the things I liked to do.  This included things like crocheting, reading, and productivity. It was a big brainstorming session for me.

Will you get sick of this quickly?

I knew right away that I would tire quickly of writing about crochet or reading. These were things that were good hobbies but exhausting business plans for me. There are probably several things on your list that fit in this category. This doesn’t mean that you stop doing them, you just don’t need to write about them on your blog.

Do you enjoy reading about this topic?

I read a lot of different blogs on various topics. Many of them talk about productivity and organization. I knew that it was really fun and easy for me to stay engaged with the productivity conversation on other blogs, so transferring that to my own blog would be pretty easy. If there are any blogs that you gravitate towards, consider their topic or a variation of it for your own. If you like it, you’ll write it.

Is this something people want to know about?

This is probably the biggest thing when choosing a blogging niche: Will people want to read about it. For instance, I love the lighthouses of Lake Superior. I could research them all day and be totally fulfilled. Unfortunately, the audience for a blog about lighthouses on Lake Superior is extremely small. It wouldn’t be a viable idea to make a business out of it. Productivity is definitely a topic that people are interested in and will probably be interested in in variations until the end of time. My sub-topics, travel and working from home, are also topics that with endure.

The biggest thing you want to remember for your niche is picking something that goes with your flow. I like making plans and checklists, so researching productivity is right in my wheelhouse. If you are having difficulty with this, try making a list of ideas for the niche you think you want and write a few posts. If you can see yourself wanting to do that on a monthly basis, it’s probably a good niche for you. Do you have any suggestions for someone looking for their blogging niche? What niche have you picked?

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