How to Create a Flexible Weekly Meal Plan

How to Create a Flexible Weekly Meal Plan

Meal plans are a staple in many households. They can allow you to grocery shop much more proficiently, know what you have in your house, and even eat more healthy. And I tried them many times and can’t make them work. I would find myself skipping meals or running out of ingredients because the plan was too restrictive. Then I tried a different way of meal planning that is based on how many servings I have of each meal. It’s changed how I view meal plans! Here is how you can make your own.


Make a list of all the meals you like to eat. You can split the list however you need to. I only need main lunch/dinner meals and main breakfast foods. You may want to include side dishes, desserts, or work lunches. Maybe making a list separately for kids and adult will be helpful. Either wat, you want to have a semi-complete list of all the meals you normally make.


Next, decide on the portion sizes you need. If the recipe pretty much makes what you’ll eat, list that. If you commonly have leftovers for a particular meal, list the number of meal you can make from one recipe. And the portion sizes can be for individual people or it can be a portion that will feed your family. I know that I can get three meals out of a medium sized pizza and one meal out of two slices of bread with whatever filling I want.

Meals a Week

The last thing you need is the number of meals in each category you need a week. That might be five adult lunches, five kid lunches, nine lunch/dinner meals for the whole family. Or a combination thereof. I usually have 14 lunch or dinner meals and 7 breakfasts. Choose what makes the most sense for you for that week.

I make a layout of my meal portions for each week based on what I have in my house and what I buy grocery shopping. I already know I have all the ingredients I need before I make this. As I eat a meal portion, I cross out the box next to it. This way I can know all my options in one glance, but also have the flexibility to eat whatever I feel like eating. What sort of meal plan do you usually use? Is this new format useful to you?

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