How I Got My First Virtual Assistant Client

How I Got My First Virtual Assistant Client

I’m just starting out as a virtual assistant and it’s scary. I know who my ideal clients are, but I have very little idea about finding them. I’m sure if you are starting out on your journey, you are feeling the same way. This is how I found my first client.

Cold Emails

I started my virtual assistant search by sending out cold emails. This means that I basically just started emailing bloggers and other people that I have services they might be interested in. I stayed with people that I already follow and fit within my demographic (web-based small business owners). That’s when I decided to email my current client. She literally emailed me back with “Call me” and her phone number.

It’s Who You Know

I know that old adage is frustrating to read again and again, but it’s true; it’s all about who you know. My client is a life coach that I met through my last job. I worked with her several times over the two years I had been there and had recently met with her. I knew that she owned her own business that appeared to be out of her home. She’s the kind of client I was looking for, so I decided to take the plunge and email her. As you read above, it paid off.

That First Talk

She said, in our first conversation, that she had been looking for someone to help her with her social media accounts and her website for a while, but hadn’t found someone she knew she could trust. My email was like a godsend to her (and her accounts definitely need some help, she’ll be the first to tell you). After that first conversation where we set my wage and hours, I got started. I already know I love this and I’m so excited to see where this leads her and her business.

If you are setting out on your virtual assistant journey, keep your mind open about the people you know. Sending a polite email never hurt anyone and the worst they can say is no! I’m going to be brainstorming any more people I might know who fit into my demographics. If you want help starting your business, please try out 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success. It is an awesome resource and has helped me so much in starting this journey. Good luck!

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