What I Would Do Differently After Moving Across the Country

What I Would Do Differently After Moving Across the Country

If you haven’t heard about it enough, I just moved from Wisconsin to Washington state. It was a long, stressful process and overall it went according to plan. However, there are still things that I would have done differently, in order save my sanity on the long trip over.

1. Pack The Trailer the Day Before

If possible, pack the trailer one day and actually leave the next. This way you will only need to worry about one step at a time. It was very exhausting having to drive after packing everything into the trailer. I would have liked to buffer time to clean and buy snacks.

2. Research Hotels

I had to get hotels for the whole way since I have a cat and I imagine it’s the same way if you have children. I scheduled the first hotel but decided to wing it with the next two. Big mistake. It was super stressful trying to find the next hotel. I would suggest picking a hotel in each possible city you might stop in, so you don’t need to wonder which hotel you’ll be stopping at.

3. Avoid the Trailer

I know, I just talked about packing the trailer earlier, but if it’s possible, don’t get a trailer. It would have been nice to pack up whatever could fit in my car and go. This might not be for everyone, but it will definitely save your sanity as your drive.

There were only three things I would have changed on my trip, but even without changing those, I still feel it was a success. If you are planning your own trip, please tell me your biggest concerns and if these tips have helped you.


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