Breaking Free From the 9-to-5 Life

Breaking Free From the 9-to-5 Life

Transitioning to working from home has been easy for the most part. But there are still a few areas that have been hard for me to shake. I’m guessing that a lot of people who make this transition feel the same way I do.

Get Rid of Non-Productivity

With my old job I was paid strictly based on the time I was in the office. This included bathroom breaks and making my morning tea and chatting with my coworkers, along with my actual time working. Now, I am only paid when I am actively doing work for my clients. My metric of productivity is having to change to a model based on actual work time instead of office time. It’s a transition for anyone who starts working at home.

Get Rid of Self-Doubt

Whenever anyone transitions to a new job, their skills need to flex. It’s even more relevant when transitioning to virtual work. There is also a lot less training available for someone who works at home. I’m having to constantly remind myself that I have the skills to perform well and the ability to learn quickly. It’s okay when I don’t know things! It only means that I need to research (which I’m getting very good at.)

Get Rid of Work Week Blues

It’s so easy for me to get bummed out when I’m faced with a new week. It’s been instilled in me since I first started school when I was five! I don’t need to dread Monday anymore, even if that is my ingrained reaction. I love my job and the freedom it gives me! It’s going to take a while before my automatic reaction to weekdays is changed to excitement, but I’ll keep reminding myself.

These are relatively minor distractions in my day, but still important to talk about. Have you felt similar feelings in your transition to working at home? Do you have any suggestions for me?

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