Blogging Goals Update: January 2018

Blogging Goals Update: January 2018

It’s time again to revisit my blogging goals. I share various goals at the end of each month for two reasons. One is to keep myself accountable.  The other is to encourage you to make your own goals. They don’t have to be about blogging (but they can be!), they only need to move you forward in your journey, especially if it leads to working from home.

The lesson this month is about learning to move forward even if you don’t accomplish what you thought you would. I didn’t complete any of my previous goals and I even had four months since I made my last goals. My Pinterest is in about the same shape as it was in September and, though I’ve made considerable progress, I have not finished all of the blogging books I have. It’s frustrating to not accomplish anything, but it shows me that I need to scale back my goals and set ones I can actually finish.


3-Month Goals – April

  • Finish Blogging Books
    • I’ve finished 2 of the 4 books and the last two are relatively short. I should be able to get them done.
  • Input To Dos from Books into Omni Focus
    • What’s the point in reading these books if I don’t use what I learn from them? And this is an enjoyable goal for me.


6-Month Goals – July

  • Reorganize Pinterest
    • I’m slowing down my posting schedule so I can get really solid in it. Then I can start to up my social media presence in force.


12-Month Goals – January

  • Have Monetization in Place
    •  I want to add this to my work-from-home income, so making money from my blog is a must.


I’m slowing down these goals a little as I learn how to keep up with my posting schedule. Once I can do this, it will be easier to add in other to-dos. I didn’t put this particular to-do on this list because it isn’t a goal that propels me forward; it is the foundation on which all other goals are built. What are the goals you are trying to move forward? Do you have any tips for staying on task?

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