4 Tools Every Crocheter Needs

4 Tools Every Crocheter Needs

When I first started crocheting, I thought that all I needed was yarn and a hook. I quickly realized that there are a lot more tools that a crocheter needs (and promptly went out to buy them all.) Here are the top four that a new crocheter might not think about.

1. Scissors

It’s pretty impossible to crochet without some sort of cutting implement, unless you are making a single color piece. Once you start getting into pieces that have multiple colors, you need to cut yarn. I started by using whatever scissors I had lying around. Then I upgraded to a small pair of scissors that fit in my bag better (affiliate link). Then, as I started forgetting to bring my scissors with me when I was out of the house, I bought a pendant (affiliate link). It’s something I can keep on my key chain, so I always have a yarn cutting implement with me (and it just looks cute.)

2. Stitch Markers

These nifty little gadgets have a lot of different uses. They can be used to mark the first stitch when you are working in a round, it can mark the number of stitches when you are working on a blanket, and it can mark stitches when you are working on a complicated pattern. It’s basically a little reminder for later. There are typical stitch markers that are used in crochet and knitting (affiliate link). I use safety pins because I have a lot of them after running a bunch of 5ks. Basically, you need anything small that won’t fall off the stitches (I learned the hard way that bobby pins don’t work.)

3. Yarn Needles

The best way I have found to weave ends in is to use a yarn needle. It’s a large needle with a dull tip and can be used to weave ends in or sew two projects together. The first time I got some I got plastic ones but I would recommend getting metal ones in a few different sizes (affiliate link). The metal ones tend to work better through projects and don’t break as easily.

4. Hook Book

As you get more serious about crocheting, you’ll notice the amount of hooks you own grow. It can be hard to keep track of all of them. This is why you need to buy something to store all of your hooks and all of the supplies that go with them. There are a lot of different styles of hook books. The first one I had functioned a lot like an actual book and the one I have now rolls out to show all my accessories (affiliate link). Basically, find a book that will work for you, at a price point that works for you. It will save you a lot of lost hooks.

Crocheting is such a wonderful hobby to have. I love being able to create beautiful and useful pieces. Of course, I need all of my various supplies in order to get it done. Do you have any tools you absolutely need when you crochet? Please share or ask questions!


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