My 2017 Word of the Year: Phoenix

My 2017 Word of the Year: Phoenix

Starting in 2016, I decided to pick a word for the year that would encompass my overarching goal for what I wanted to achieve that year. Last year, it was tenacity, which was to remind me that my goals can only be achieved if I put the effort in. This year, choosing was a much more difficult task.

I ended last year in a state of turbulence. My to do list consisted of the bare necessities and my previous goals were far off of my mind.

I chose the word phoenix to encapsulate my hopes for the year to come. A phoenix is a mythical bird, when it gets old and frail, it literally bursts into flame to end its life. It is rescinded to ashes in a brilliant flash. But from those ashes, arises brand new life. The phoenix is reborn through that trial by fire. It regrows it’s beautiful feathers and regains its old strength. Then the cycle continues with each demolition resulting in a newly rebuild being.

My fire has already happened. I watched my future, all that I thought my life would be, burn around me. I sat in the ashes. I wallowed in the ashes. I thought I would never see the end of the ashes. In fact, in many ways, the ashes still cling to me. I recognize now, though, that from the ashes of that old life, a new life can be reborn.

That is why I want phoenix to be my word of the year. I want to be reminded that even though I have been through a trial, there can be life after it. I am able to rebuild and rework and reframe. There is no end to me because I am stronger than the flames around me and I will rise form the ashes they have left.

What word would best encapsulate your hopes for the upcoming year? It’s never too late to discover the right one. I don’t expect yours to be quite as profound as mine is, but I do expect it to push you in the right direction for this period in your life. Write in on your fridge or put it next to your mirror as you get ready in the morning (I put mine on my computer). Let it guide you towards an awesome 2017.

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